What does hope and a future look like?

Less Stress
When you know where to put your worry, life is more peaceful.
More Joy
When you know what your future holds, you can’t help but smile.
When you know who you are, your life will look different.
Have you been wrestling with:
  • More anger than normal?
  • Feeling low and depressed?
  • Losing a loved one?
  • Feeling lost and hopeless?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life?
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You can be free

We teach and focus on the hope and the future that a deep relationship with God provides.

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Be supported by others facing challenges just like you

Here's what some of our members had to say:
Warmth and Love

"Worshipping at Kingsley, I feel the warmth and love of the congregation and it is shown to every person that walks through the doors. I am comfortable with being myself and God is shaping me into who I am to become. I am growing in Christ, a work in progress. The ministry at Kingsley teaches truth straight from the Bible and I enjoy learning about the Lord. But most importantly, the folks at Kingsley really and genuinely love the Lord, and for me, that is truly a blessing!" - Lisa

Like Family

"Walking into the building at Kingsley Avenue is like walking into a warm hug. The members of this congregation definitely follow the example of the first century churches in that they are kind and welcoming and treat everyone like family while teaching and following the truth, the way God intended." - Stephanie

Real Growth

"We have grown so much as a family throughout 2022 and into 2023. 

The Kingsley Avenue church of Christ has been such a blessing to our family as we continue to grow in truth and knowledge of the bible and what Christ has done for us.

The people at Kingsley Avenue are truly family and very loving." - Steve

What do I do next?

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3. Discover Your Future
Grow and become the person God wants you to be.
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A small step to help you discover who you are and what a real relationship with God will do for your future.

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You aren't alone

At Kingsley Avenue, we know life can be challenging and feel overwhelming at times. If you’re tired of being knocked down, you have to start looking at your life through a different lens.

We believe that lens begins with developing a relationship with God. That’s why our teachings focus on the principles that lead you closer to Him and why our worship comes from the heart.

Discover what God has in store for you by visiting us this Sunday.

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